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Watch this video if you're interested in learning Wing Chun in Montreal. The video tells you who we are, what we do, where we're coming from and what to expect if you decide to join our school. Get comfortable, it's 13 minutes long.

Regarde ce video si tu es intéressé à apprendre le Wing Chun à Montréal. Ce video explique qui nous sommes, ce qu'on fait, l'origine de notre Wing Chun et aussi à quoi tu dois t'attendre si tu te joins à notre école. Assieds toi confortablement, durée 13min.


Ving Tsun (also named Wing Chun or Wing Tsun) is a Chinese martial art and form of self-defense specializing in close-range combat. Ving Tsun is not based on strength but efficiency of movement and biomechanics. It is often titled the most practical martial art system. Anyone who is interested in learning Ving Tsun kung-fu, can come for a free trial class.

Ving Tsun (aussi nommé Wing Chun ou Wing Tsun) est un art martial Chinois et un système d'auto-défense spécialisé en technique de combat rapproché. Le Ving Tsun n'est pas basé sur l'utilisation de la force mais sur l"économie de mouvements et la bio-mécanique. Il est souvent considéré comme l'un des système de combat des plus éfficaces. Les personnes intéressées à en apprendre d'avantage sur le Ving Tsun peuvent venir à une classe d'essai gratuite.

Fees / Tarifs : 60 $ monthly / 60 $ par mois


Schedule / Horaire :



Tuesday / Mardi: 6:30 pm to 9 pm
Wednesday / Mercredi: 7pm to 9 pm
Thursday / Jeudi: 6:30 pm to 9pm
Saturday / Samedi: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

If you have any question don't hesitate to drop us a line.
Si vous avez des questions n'hésiter pas à nous écrire.


Nous sommes situées dans l'immeuble historique Dompark, Sud-Ouest de Montréal.
We are located in the historical Dompark building in the South West of Montreal.

5524 St-Patrick porte A, suite 102. Montreal

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Ving Tsun Montreal is a recognized club association by Wushu Canada.
Ving Tsun Montreal est une association membre reconnue par Wushu Canada.




"Wing Chun"—The most practical self-defense system for adults. Tenets of Wing Chun include practicality, efficiency and economy of movement. The system of Wing Chun is based on 2 theories and 3 principles that highlight the simplicity of this traditional form of Chinese Kung-Fu. Its roots are centuries old and its techniques have been passed down through the ages by dedicated disciples. Grand Master Sunny Tang is a 2nd generation Disciple of Yip Man (Bruce Lee's teacher), and one of the first to bring Wing Chun to Canada over 30 years ago. Ving Tsun is a result-oriented style of Chinese Martial Arts known for its economy of movement and efficiency. Ving Tsun does not rely on magic to achieve its efficiency. All Ving Tsun techniques are based on certain fundamental principles, which take into account the limitation and capability of human movements, the relative position between the practitioner and the opponent, and the most economic movement to achieve the desired result under any situation. The training is strict and requires a high level of concentration, conceptual understanding and discipline.

Classes are open to all levels from beginner to advanced and practitioners are encouraged to develop their skills through paired training and controlled application. The Sunny Tang Ving Tsun program is a direct lineage to Grand Master Yip Man through Grand Master Moy Yat. We are the only Ving Tsun school in Quebec with over 15 schools across the country bearing the Sunny Tang affiliation. In 1996 as tribute to the now late Grand Master Moy Yat, the spelling of Ving Tsun as opposed to the more traditional "Wing Chun" was incorporated by our schools as recognition to the lineage of our Kung Fu Family. (This program is recommended for practitioners 14 years and over)

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Kung fu school montreal / École de kung fu à Montreal
Wing chun school Montreal / Montreal Kung fu Wing chun

Ip Man, Moy Yat, Sunny Tang, Walter Jakimczuk. Darrell Carreon